Beef tenderloins are usually chosen by many cooks as their prime choice of beef. They claim that once this part is cooked perfectly, a mixture of flavors and textures abound in one's palate. Learning how to grill tenderloin is practically an acquired skill. Once you practiced and learned enough, then you are on your way to mastering a delightful dish that could benefit you for years.

Fellow grillers and enthusiasts would want to take part in this prospect. The idea of having succulent, moist and juicy tenderloins is like craving for that infamous steak. So, what are the best tips? Are there really a set of effective grilling techniques?

1. Get the best tenderloin in the market. You can buy these items in groceries and supermarkets, which makes it quite easy to avail. For starters, you may want to buy the trimmed tenderloin, where fat excesses are removed from the meat. However, this option relatively costs more as compared to untrimmed meat.

2. There are two techniques on how to grill tenderloin. First one is through grilling the meat whole. On the other hand, you can cut the whole piece into several steak portions.

3. There is really no defined rule when it comes to learning how to grill tenderloin. However, it is harder to cook whole tenderloin cuts as compared to smaller beef portions.

4. It is best to completely thaw your tenderloin and let it sit at room temperature. Always apply medium heat while grilling. Cooking times also vary depending on the size and thickness of the meat, though an ideal 60 seconds per side is most applicable.

5. Never pierce your tenderloin with a knife or fork. For one, doing so will only lessen the meat's inherent flavor. It will also leave your meats dry as it will lose all its natural juices and flavor.

6. An ideal temperature in grilling tenderloins would be between 120 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. For accuracy, it is best to use a meat thermometer for this procedure.

7. In learning the various tricks on how to grill tenderloin, you have to know the proper ways of marinating and seasoning the meat. First, do not get excited with spices. Refrain from using a mixture of herbs and seasonings without really knowing the purpose of each.

Be reminded that there are particular seasonings that intensify the flavor of the meat, while there are also spices that are purely meant for pork or fish. In fact, for these expensive types of meat, the reliable trio of salt, garlic and pepper is deemed perfect.

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