Steak Pie Is Quite Easy To Make

Steak Pie is a traditional dish that The people of Scotland love to eat on New Years Day, prepared on Hogmanay makes it perfect for cooking when you are hungover from the celebrations and partying.

Steak Pie is quite a simpe dish to make it is filling, inexpensive and to put it in words everyone can understand, it tastes just fantastic.

Served with potato's and vegetables steak pie is a favorite dish at any time of the year and when it is served you know you are garaunteed to be presented with an empty plate at the end of the meal.

The steak pie recipe below serves 6-8 people but you can reduce or increase the ingredients to suit your needs.


2Kg Beef Steak, Diced
12 Beef Sausages, Cut Into 3 or 4 pieces
1 large or 2 small Onion, finely chopped
Beef Stock Cube
400g pack ready made Puff Pastry, rolled to fit over oven dish
1.5 pints Water
Cook Time

Prep time: 1 hour 30 min Cook time: 25 min Ready in: 1 hour 55 min Yields: Serves six people reduce the amounts as required
Making A Steak Pie

The diced beef, beef sausages and onion in the pan before adding the beef stock
Source: Jimmythejock
Steak Pie Mix

One the ingredients are fully cooked and you have thickened the juices , pour them evenly into your oven dish.
Source: jimmythejock
Preparing The Steak

Dice the beefsteak, finely chop the onion or onions put them into a saucepan. chop each orf the sausages into three or four pieces and add them to the pan, sprinke some salt and pepper over the ingredients.
Add a beef stock cube to one and a half pints of boiling water and stir until the stock cube has dissolved. pour the stock into the pan with the ingredients and put the lid on cook on a low temperature for around 90 minutes.
once the ingredients are cooked, you need to thicken up the juices in the pan, I use a shop bought gravy powder for easiness add until you have a thick gravy.
Leave the ingredients to cool in the pan whilst you roll out the pastry.
The best method to roll your pastry to the correct size for your oven dish is to roll it out and keep placing the oven dish on to it until the pastry is the same size. (remember to sprinkle flour onto your worktop before rolling out your pastry.
Empty the pan into the oven dish, I couldn't find a suitably sized dish so I used the tray that came with the cooker.
Carefully place the pastry over the ingredients and cover the top of the oven dish, fold back the edge of the pastry slightly, to prevent the pastry sticking to the dish after cooking. Remember also to make a small hole in the centre of the pie to let the air escape during cooking.