Buffalo wings taste delicious if the breading is tasty and crunchy. In order to prepare the breading, you need to mix black as well as red pepper and salt with the all-purpose flour. Set the mixture aside.

If it is served in a large container or bowl, it should not be frozen. Wash the wings thoroughly under running water and drain it well. Now dip the Buffalo wings in the breading and dust it well so that the wings are coated evenly with the flour mixture. Refrigerate the dusted wings for an hour. Then remove it and again dust it once more with the same breading mixture to thicken the coating.

Now, heat the oil in a pan for about 10 minutes to a temperature of about 375 degrees F. When the oil is very hot, drop the dusted Buffalo wings one by one and fry it well until the skin turns dark brown. Make sure that the wings are dipped well in oil to fry it evenly. Now place the fried wings in a colander to drain excess oil.

Place another pan on low fire and melt some butter. Add garlic powder, pepper powder (freshly ground) as well as salt according to your taste. Keep the flame in simmering. Add the fried Buffalo wings and turn it well to spread the seasoning evenly. Add a sauce of your choice and continue turning the wings in low flame. Keep the wings in heat for a minute until it absorbs the sauce and seasoning. Tasty Buffalo wings are ready for serving.

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