You must be excited in welcoming a new addition to your collection of cooking equipments. The Coleman grill and Coleman propane heater are indeed such great partners for outdoor cooking. But even top-of-the-line equipments can only be as good as the one using them. It will also require some knowledge and skills on the part of the griller in order to whip out juicy and mouthwatering steaks. So to help you wow your family and friends with your kitchen skills, here are some guides that can help you whip out a steak that is to die for.

Fresh And Young Meat Is Always Tender
It all starts in selecting the best quality meat. Whether you are going for beef or pork, you should always opt for young and fresh meat. Only with these can you really make a tender steak that melts in the mouth. You should always avoid meat cuts from an old animal because these tend to be rubbery and difficult to chew. And when it comes to selecting the best parts, the tenderloin and spareribs are always an all-time favorite and they make for a great steak. 

The Marinade Is The Key To Taste
Even the most tender and freshest meat will not make for a mouthwatering steak if not treated with marinade. This is the key to the juicy and delicious flavor of any good steak. And this is not even difficult to accomplish. There are now a wide variety of commercial steak marinades that you can purchase. But whether you opt for homemade or commercial marinade, always allow enough time for the meat to absorb the flavor. About 30 minutes to one hour of marinating should be sufficient enough but overnight marinating is more advisable. 

Keep Those Steaks Moist While Cooking
While the steak is grilling under high heat, the moisture will gradually drain from it, and together with those are important flavors and juices. This will also dry the crust of the steak and cause it cook faster than the core. To avoid this, you should occasionally brush the steak meat with marinade sauce and butter while grilling. This will keep the precious moisture locked in and ensure a juicy and flavor-rich steak. 

Cook It Slow And Nice
Another way to make sure that the steak turns out juicy and tender is to cook it slowly under low heat. If you subject the meat to high intensity heat, only the outer part will cook well but the core will be raw. This is especially true for thicker cuts of steak. By grilling slow and nice, you are also preventing the juices in the steak from escaping. This will also allow a longer time of exposure to the smoke, which will add an aromatic smoked flavor to the steak. So when grilling, it is advisable to set your Coleman Grill or Coleman propane heater at low heat. 

Put Holes On That Chunk Of Meat
Taking things slowly is the key to making an evenly cooked steak, but there are other methods that you can use to ensure this. One good example is to skewer the meat with knife or thongs and put several holes on it. This will allow the heat to penetrate into the meat and also allow the marinade to sink deeper. 

Now with these simple tips and a Coleman Grill and Coleman propane heater at your disposal, there is nothing anymore that will stop you from making a delicious and juicy steak. That outdoor cookout party will be a feast to remember. 

William F. Gabriel gives practical tips on choosing the right Coleman Grill and cabin tent.