Your meatloaf can be as light as you want it to be or as heavy as it can be. Meatloaf can be served as a welcoming dish just as it is. All you need to do for this to happen is make your meal balanced by having veggies along with grains together with the meal.

That in mind, having dishes on the side to meet everyone's nutritional needs is in every way necessary.

· Veggies on the side

Most kids do not like cooked veggies. Therefore, you can go for chopped up vegetables or grated ones like in the case of carrots. Dark green veggies include green beans or broccoli. A good example of orange vegetables include carrots.

· Starch on the side

Mashed potatoes go very well on the side. This does not mean you rule out baked or even roasted potatoes. You will go with your family's preference. In spite of this, it is good to note that potatoes have in them an element that will provoke blood sugar to shoot up.

· Grains on the side

Unlike starch on the side, grains are highly recommended. This ensures a lasting energy because of the healthy meal. This comes out as a very good complementary for your meatloaf. Due to its simplicity when it comes to preparations, brown rice is highly recommended which if not available could be replaced by quinoa/bulgur wheat.

· Fruit complements

Fruit ensures that the flavor of the meat is either balanced or enhanced. Being highly flavored, meatloaf will need compliments that equalize that on the side. Fruits like oranges, strawberries, or even blueberries will bring out the expected result. Berries or sliced oranges can act as decorations on serving plates. Alternatively, they can serve as dessert along with yoghurt.

The probability that your family is large is on the lower side. Therefore, you will most likely have leftovers of the meatloaf after dinner. This should not be discarded for it could come in handy the next day. Considering you selected your sides keenly, then your meatloaf could end up serving two dinners. For instance, if grated carrots and whole grain pasta act as your compliments, chop up the leftovers and smear it with sauce or ketchup. This will serve right when you do it over the pasta. There you have it, the next day's meal. If not that, you can opt to cook veggies then mix with crumbled meatloaf to come up with rice bowl meal after the addition of rice into the mixture.

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