Ibis Hotels aren’t normally known for their food and beverage operations here in Thailand (or perhaps anywhere for that matter) as Ibis, under the Accor umbrella, is a lower-priced brand and not up to the standards set by the group’s Mercure or Novotel properties.
However, the Ibis property on Soi 4 has apparently decided that this doesn’t have to be the case and its food operation is quite ambitious for its brand. Although its one food and beverage outlet is a somewhat small all-day dining restaurant, that hasn’t stopped them from offering some interesting specials that are sold at great prices.
First,they have a lunch and dinner buffet that is somewhat ordinary in its size and the variety of the dishes available. For 199 baht, though, it’s quite respectable and a good alternative to the many other hotel buffets in the area that are also much more expensive. There is certainly enough variety so that you’ll find something that you like and the salad bar is pretty good so it’s more than worth the price.
What makes this place really interesting, however, are the special dishes that are also offered ala carte. The three are picture here — a lamb shank to the right, a salmon steak below left and a pork chop below right. The price of these three dishes is also 199 baht, making them unique in Sukhumvit. Where else can you get a lamb shank with good mashed potatoes for 199 baht? As far as we know, nowhere. And you can say the same thing about the salmon and the pork chop. These are remarkably low prices and the quality is good as well. 
So the next time you want a good, inexpensive meal that’s plenty satisfying the Ibis may be the place to try.
Ibis Hotel, Soi 4, 02-667-5800