Easter celebrations mean a sumptuous spread of festive foods and delicious desserts. From sliced ham and smoked turkey to Easter desserts comprising sugared goodness like carrot cakes, cupcakes and almond cake, a variety of dishes can be prepared to make this occasion even more special. Here's a list of some Easter recipes that you can try making this season.

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Preparing The Perfect Easter Brunch
Start your day with a platter of hard-boiled eggs for breakfast. For an interesting touch, you can decorate the shells using some food coloring or make it a fun activity for kids to decorate the eggshells using paints in pastel colors. If you're throwing a party, you can try cooking a number of your favorite Easter recipes. Traditional Easter recipes like succulent spring lamb and a baked ham are sure to impress your guests. You can also try roasted turkey breast or a boneless pork roast baked with chunks of apples, pineapples, and sweet potatoes. A well-seasoned baked beef that has been left to marinate overnight also tastes delicious. You can also make scrumptious salads like a pea and feta combination for the health-conscious.

Apart from the dinner menu, Easter desserts form an integral part of your Easter festivities. Easter is a time to indulge in sweet treats like marshmallows, delicious cakes, pint sized cupcakes, jelly beans, and mouth-watering cookies. Decorate your Easter desserts using decorative accents and place them in attractive serveware like silver cake stands or antique white ceramic bowls embellished with ribbon bows. For desserts, you can make a soft carrot cake topped with a smooth and creamy cream cheese filling.

Hot cross buns that are stuffed with currants and raisins are another classic favorite. You can also bake a large cake in the shape of a bunny. Use white chocolate for the body. You can add green frosting on the sides to depict grass or add green food coloring to coconut flakes and sprinkle them to create a meadow. Easter candy like jelly beans and sugar cookies can be placed in a decorative plate at the center of the table.
Welcome in the season of Easter with these creative and unique ideas.