The Parkview restaurant in the Imperial Queen’s Park is much like many other hotel all-day dining outlets most of the time with a few small exceptions — first, it’s an enormous place and second it’s regular buffet is filled with high-end items as well as the more usual items you’d expect to see in a hotel.
However, when it’s not most of the time is when the Parkview has a chance to shine, such as the recent promotion that was held from October 29 to November 4. The reason for the promotion was a new flight one of the airlines was promoting to New York but the real reason for going was to taste the food that the hotel brought in from Nikolas Bovine, Executive Chef of Koi, the slick restaurant/club on Soi 20.
The theme was American and Chef Nik didn’t disappoint with offerings like the oyster shooters pictured above right, the shrimp on sauteed rice below that, the prime below center, the avocado appetizers below left and the sea bass above that. 
The sea bass was our favorite out of all these delicious dishes, with a complexity of flavor and texture that was perfect. This collaboration with Koi is only one example of the many promotions that the Parkview does during the year and although this one is over and you can’t partake of the great food that was presented here don’t hesitate to go to any of the promotions that you hear about happening here. That’s because Chef Vittorio, the hotel’s long-time Executive Chef makes sure that whatever the theme is that the food is always done right and that’s a Parkview tradition. 
Parkview, Soi 22, 02-261-9000