Indian Host restaurant on Soi 22 has the typical Indian cuisine menu you’ll find just about anywhere in Sukhumvit — with one little twist. Its selection of Chinese-Indian dishes sets it apart from most of its competitors and offers diners a different set of flavors to experience as well as the great flavors from their traditional menu.
Chinese-Indian food actually came about because of a sizable population of Chinese immigrants who settled in the city of Calcutta generations ago. Their use of Chinese cooking methods and ideas along with Indian ingredients brought about a hybrid cuisine that can produce some excellent results as was proven by one of the restaurant’s signature dishes pictured to the right, the Salt & Pepper Vegetables. Crunchy and flavorful, this dish could almost convince you to  become a vegetarian.
The other dishes pictured here —the chicken harn masala above, the fish tikka at the upper right and the potato cakes in the center are all from the traditional Indian menu and along with some black dal which is not shown made up a rather tasty meal. The fish was especially well cooked as it was moist and tender and displayed the chef’s prowess with his tandoor oven.
As such, the Indian-Chinese menu isn’t the only reason to dine here but it does add a nice touch to the regular menu and sets Indian Host a bit apart from its many competitors and that is a one of the factors contributing to the success they have achieved here. 
Indian Host, Soi 22, 02-260-1115