If you are looking for a quick meal or snack, what could be easier or better than a cheese sandwich. For information on cheese sandwich calories read on...

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In today's fast paced life we are often eating on the run and faced with this we like to look for fast and easy to cook items. One such item which can be made quickly from ingredients found in most kitchens is the grilled cheese sandwich or a simple cheese sandwich. However, it is also important that the food we eat is healthy and hence it would be important to know about cheese sandwich calories.

Cheese Sandwich Recipe

The steps for making a simple cheese sandwich are quite easy. All you need is two pieces of bread and a slice of cheese. The bread can be white or whole wheat, and you can choose cheese from American cheese, Cheddar cheese or Swiss cheese. Just put in a cheese slice between the bread and you are ready to go. If you like other ingredients such as egg, ham, bacon, pickles, etc. you could add them to please your taste buds and to enhance the sandwich. If you add eggs, the egg and cheese sandwich calories are 340. In a simple non-grilled sandwich, with either white or whole wheat bread and looking at three kinds of cheese, here are the cheese sandwich calories.

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For most people, including kids the grilled cheese sandwich is a perennially popular option. Here is a recipe for the same.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe

What you need:

4 slices white bread
3 tablespoons butter
2 slices Cheddar cheese

Preheat skillet to medium heat.
Apply butter to one slice of bread.
Put bread butter-side-down onto skillet and place cheese slice on it.
Butter the second slice of bread and place it on the cheese slice butter-side-up.
Continue until bread turns golden brown then grill the other side.
Repeat the procedure to make second sandwich.

Total calories per serving are 421.

List of items used in calorie calculation.

Calories in Bread, Whole-wheat, Commercially Prepared. One slice, 69 calories. Calories from fat, 8.
Calories in Bread, Whole-wheat, Commercially Prepared, Toasted. Calories 77, calories from fat 9.
Calories in Bread, White, Commercially Prepared. One slice, calories 67, calories from fat 7.
Calories in Bread, White, Commercially Prepared, Toasted, calories 79, calories from fat 10.
Calories in Cheddar Cheese, one slice 113, calories from fat 84.
Calories in American Cheese, one slice calories 94, calories from fat 62.
Calories in Swiss Cheese, one slice calories 106, calories from fat 70.
Calories in butter without salt, 1 tbsp, 102 calories, calories from fat 102.
As you can see cheese sandwich calories in a simple sandwich amount to about 230-250 calories. If you grill it with butter the calorie count rises to 400-420. As most of the time we will be using butter or some substitute to grill the sandwiches, you can expect an average of 400 calories in a grilled cheese sandwich. I hope this article has addressed your question about cheese sandwich calories.