North Americans have a special affinity with spring, because this is the time when they prepare some of the most delicious barbecue rib recipes. The meat is definitely tasty, but the history of barbecue recipes is equally interesting. Before Civil War, the barbecue was introduced in the pig-pickin's feast. This feast was common in the Southern States. Not only a whole pig was cooked, but it was eaten by a number of people who joined the feast.

Smoking which is a term commonly used for barbecue recipes was first used 6000 years ago. This was considered as a safe way to cook the meat. The meat was generally cooked in low heat so that all the bacteria were dead. In Australia, the term barbecue is replaced by Barbie that almost became iconic when it appeared in the tourism brochures of Australia. There is doubt about the origin of the word barbecue. There are some who feel that it originated from 'barbacoa', an American-Indian word which means wood. The wood is used to cook food. There are some who love the European connection and feel that it came from French 'de barbe a queue' which simply means 'whiskers to tail'. Now when you enjoy the lovely barbecue rib recipes, you can think of these fun facts.

Brisket which is hard meat taken from the chest of the cow has to be cooked for 12 hours so that the meat becomes tender and juicy. If you want to visit the barbecue capitals, you have to visit Missouri, North Carolina, Kansas City, and Lexington.

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