The best thing about being on Soi 16 now is the fact that there’s a great new place to go to if you’re looking for quality food that won’t put a serious dent in your wallet. It’s a small new place called Avenue across the street from Kuppa and it’s being billed as a New York-style bistro.
The decor gives you that impression as you enter and are confronted with an impressive looking bar with its solid red leather covered stools and dark wood. The rest of the decor follow a similar theme with red banquettes lining one wall of the space and marble-topped tables providing space for about 40 diners at a time.
There’s also a comfortable family-style table in a wine cellar nook that invites up to eight diners to enjoy a slightly more intimate meal. All in all it’s a comfortable yet somewhat elegant space that should put anyone at ease which is exactly the way owner Lampros and chef/manager Arnaud want it to be.
 The menu should also accomplish that as there are no esoteric dishes here and many of the entries here could almost be described as comfort food. It’s almost as if someone’s mother had a hand in the putting this interesting collection of dishes together. You can try a half roast chicken, for example (photo lower left) or a juicy burger (perhaps the juiciest in Bangkok, by the way) which you can dress up  with foie gras (photo, lower right).
Or you can opt for a prime rib for two, a very tasty bavette steak — a French specialty from Arnaud — steamed snowfish, pan-fried salmon, a tenderloin, lamb chops or a roasted pork tenderloin that comes wrapped in bacon. Or you can slide back into comfort food territory and try the chicken or vegetarian pot pie or the spaghetti bolognaise.
There are also a couple of dishes we must admit we hadn’t seen before such as the lamb chops champvalon and the tartar “panute” style in which the beef is actually cooked and paired with capers, pickles, shallots and mustard among other ingredients. The lamb chops are cooked slowly comfit style in the oven with onions and potatoes.
And Avenue is open for lunch and breakfast as well and may feature one of the best value lunch menus around. You can pick appetizers for 130 baht such as the beef carpaccio pictured above or a pan fried red mullet or frog legs among others and main courses like a penne with truffle sauce and portobello mushrooms and parmesan or a spaghetti seafood or dory filet and these are all only 170 baht. Or pick an appetizer and main course along with a dessert and coffee or tea for only 330 baht (all prices are ++ by the way).
You’ll also find sandwiches and salads for only 130 baht so this is definitely a value for money proposition as are all the items on this menu. In fact, the most expensive item on the entire menu is the prime rib at 2,200 baht and that’s for two so you get the idea. We’ve run out of space to wax eloquently about the wine list but suffice it to say that it’s good and offers great value as well. 
It certainly seems as if Soi 16’s new dining spot is going to prove to be a welcome addition to the neighborhood for many years to come.
Avenue, Soi 16, 085-833-6717