The online store that offers beef, burgers and hot dogs, supply kobe beef burgers with assured quality and tenderness. The Wagyu kobe beef offered by this shop ensures the best cuts of steak and burgers with very low level cholesterol and saturated fats. But, what is wagyu? It is a breed of cattle from Japan and the meat is obtained from the this variety of cattle. The Japanese cattle known as Wagyu are found in four different breeds – Poll, Shorthorn, Black and Japanese Brown. The original meat comes from the cow of the Japanese Black breed. Hence it is obvious that this meat cannot be obtained from all breeds of these cattle. These type cattle are ox-like in appearance and they are used for field work. Kobe is the capital of Hyogo in Japan. According to the law of this country, this meat comes exclusively from Hyogo. The quality of meat in Japan is assessed based on 4 aspects – marbling, color and brightness, color of fat, luster and quality and firmness and texture.

Kobe cows: All these meats come from the wagyu cattle. Hence one can say all kobes are wagyus. However, those who know what is wagyu will not say that all cattle under this family are used to make kobe. It is made only from the Japanese black variety of Wagyu cows. Hence this particular breed of cow can be said as kobe cows. Special diet is provided to these cows. The diet consists of dried forage and grass varieties like rice straw. They are also fed with nutritional supplements such as blended feed of soybean, corn, wheat bran, barley and other ingredients. These cows are not fed with Pasteur grass. In order to make authentic certified Japanese meat one has to meet various criteria. Kobe Beef, Meat and Cattle are Japanese trade marks. 

Kobe beef in the US: 

In USA, the Japanese trademarks are not recognized. Hence, without adhering to the these standards Kobe beef burgers and beef are promoted in the US. As a result different types of wagyu beef of America and Australia are sold by the restaurants and retailers under the label of this cattle. Most of the domestically available kobe beef in the US is either American Wagyu or Australian wagyu. The wagyu cattle in America is a cross breed of Japanese Wagyu bulls and American Angus cattle. These crossbred cattle are the sources of the Kobe Style American Wagyu Beef. The crossbred cattle are fed mixture of corn, alfalfa, barley and wheat straw.

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