La Cantina Italian restaurant has recently relaunched after a short time-out and is now featuring an updated menu of Italian food from all over Italy. Their Soi 16 location across from Foodland is an intimate space with two different ambiences and a nice looking wine cellar space.
The menu is an interesting one in that it offers diners a wide variety of Italian dishes, some classics and others that may well be unique to the restaurant such as the broccoli-potato soup, a coarser version of what most cream soups are like. The prices are all reasonable and some of the dishes, such as the chicken liver pate appetizer, seemed to us to represent a great value.
One thing they do here, which more places should do, is may their own pasta as well as serve pre-made varieties. We tried one dish with their own fresh pasta and the difference in taste was noticeably better than store-bought pasta.
They also make their own gnocchi (as shown below) and try to do as many things under their own roof as possible. We also enjoyed a thin but very tender chicken milanese as well as a simple beef carpaccio (above) that comes in two sizes and is served warm or cold, the way we prefer.
There’s a whole section on the menu for both the gnocchi mentioned above and also ravioli which we were unable to try due to space considerations. There are also several risottos like the saffron risotto shown to the right. And as a special treat coming up soon, owner Gianluca is going to feature a number of dishes using the wonderful smelling fresh saffron that he brings in from Indonesia.
And the wine list here offers some good choices and is not big enough to be confusing, although there is plenty of variety.
La Cantina’s relaunch seems to us to be a real success so a visit here in the near future would be a good idea for any Italian food lovers. 
La Cantina, Soi 16, 02-259-6669