This small cozy restaurant on Soi 16 (across the street from Foodland) has only recently re-opened after a hiatus for some renoavations and revamping. And the wait has been worth it as the new menu and new look have re-energized this Italian eatery as it now offers even more dishes that seem to be straight from Italy.
Chef/owner Roberto is the MC here and his attention to detail in regard to both the food and service is evident as the food presentations are thoughtful and aartful and the food itself reflects his own Italian heritage.
There is aiwde variety of dishes already and more are being added as the restaurant’s hours are being expanded from the soft opening stage where just breakfast and lunch are bing served to include dinner soon (perhaps by the time you read this).
The food seems to come from all over Italy and the menu offers a wide variety of traditional favorites as well as some more contemporary offerings. One of our favorites was the fettucine with pesto and crispy pieces of Parma ham (photo top right), the first time we’ve experienced it served this way. It provided a delicious, and slightly salty, counterpoint to the freshness and faint sweetness of the basil in the pesto and made the dish quite interesting. 
Also flavorful were the warm carpaccio (left), the saltimbocca made with pork and Parma (right) and the Mediterranean salad (bottom right).
Try this neighborhood place for good food, an extensive wine list, and the feeling of dining on home style, authetic Italian food. 
La Cantina, Soi 16, 02-333-4444