La Monita, which is far and away the best Mexican  restaurant in Bangkok (in our humble opinion), was started because owner Billy Bautista couldn’t find a burrito that he liked in the city. Having eaten lots of Mexican food (as well as many other kinds of food) in his native California, he is a big fan of this cuisine and when he couldn’t find a decent burrito anywhere he took the extreme step of opening his own place almost four years ago. La Monita has flourished since then, with big lunch time and dinner crowds flocking into the small garishly painted rooms that make up this culinary mecca.
The Mexican food here is as authentic as you can get it in Thailand and we say this after having lived in Los Angeles for six years and partaking of this delicious cuisine many times. Billy has a vast amount of knowledge about Mexican food and has traveled in the country on many occasions as well so he really knows what he’s doing. He’s used this knowledge to create great tasting food and has even created his own dishes like the Crunch Star pictured below. What is also interesting is the way Billy presents his food, the nachos to the left being a prime example. That’s sour cream drizzled over the dish instead of perching it in a clump on top as other places do. The tacos at bottom left receive the same treatment.
If you’ve despaired of ever finding really good Mexican food in Bangkok then visit La Monita some time soon and find out why this place is full of people all the time. It’s a good thing for us that Billy couldn’t find that burrito he was craving four years ago.
La Monita,   Mahatun Plaza, 02-650-9581