The picture directly below does a good job of summarizing the food that you’ll find at Le Bouchot, a cozy, subterranean restaurant located in the Oakwood Residence building on Soi 24. It’s mussels with bacon, roast garlic and chili. These mussels are among the freshest we’ve ever tasted and together with the other ingredients combine to form a delicious, rich and indulgent dish that also packs a punch with some serious heat. 
It’s a perfect dish and embodies everything that Le Bouchot stands for. The mussels here, and the mussels are the main attraction at Le Bouchot (the name is a variety of mussels), are flown in regularly from Europe, the U.S. and Australia and their flavor is some of the best we’ve ever tasted. 
The same can be said of the freshness of the oysters as we tried the oyster shooters (picture below far right) and were equally impressed with the various flavors that were presented: Ponzu Sake, Celery Salsa, Tabasco Salsa and Tom Yum. These are also definitely worth a try.
We could the same, however, about the other two dishes we sampled as well, the salmon and asparagus (photo right) and the king prawns with tobiko, a fish roe (photo below). Both of these were really well balanced dishes and the flavors were crisp and complementary. We’d come back for either of these dishes again the same as we would for the mussels or the shooters.
The rest of the menu may or may not be as good as the dishes we tried but we’d bet that they probably are. That makes La Bouchot’s food some of the best we’ve had in recent memory. And there’s plenty of other things to try here as there are a number of other mussel dishes — and also varieties of mussels — such as the white wine sauce, tomato sauce or creamy roasted garlic just to name a few.
They also have live lobsters, plenty of main course dishes and a good selection of mostly New World wines to pair with this delicious food. You could try Le Bouchot for lunch or dinner and we’re sure you’d have a meal that would want you to come back.
Le Bouchot, Soi 24, 02-258-5509