The Le Fenix Hotel’s L3 Eatery bears a lot of resemblance to many other all-day hotel restaurants in Sukhumvit but there are some small touches here and there that help it to rise above the norm. On a recent visit we discovered some of these and we glad we did.
Nothing earth-shattering here as the lunch buffet is pretty straightforward but there are some items and promotions that make things a little more interesting. First, from now until August 15 you can pay for only three people when you show up with a party of four. That’s a 25% discount off an already low price of 229 baht net per person.
Second, they have a burger buffet that will be around until the end of October and that features nine different types of mini-burger. The varieties include a regular burger, a chili cheese, a pork and a chicken among others and they are pretty good, especially since they’re juicy, the sign of a really good burger no matter what size they are.
The photos on this page illustrate some of the other attractions here including some nice looking fish dishes below — a crusted tuna on the far right and a salmon and shrimp entree next to it. 
Although this is a buffet restaurant there is also a large international ala carte menu that contains everything from pizza and pastas to an Australian tenderloin steak at the very reasonable price of 750 baht. There are also a number of other grilled items such as a New Zealand lamb chop and the salmon dish to the right.
And there is also a good list of Thai dishes here as well including noodles, soups, curries and traditional dishes such as tom yum goong, green curry and phad Thai.
Another thing that should be mentioned about the buffet is that it is not so large as to be unmanageable. Also, the larger the buffet, more expensive it is which means you pay more money even though you eat the same amount of food. At L3 they have the balance between price and selection finely tuned. This is another small touch that sets L3 apart from the many other restaurants in its class here in Sukhumvit.
L3, Soi 11, 02-305-4000