If you ever get the chance to visit Montreal, Canada then you're in for a good treat! Not only is Montreal an English speaking city but a charming city is filled with restaurants and tourist attractions galore. It is also a beautiful city both during the winter and summer months with various attractions during both seasons. Cody and I have been to Montreal three or four times now and every time we go we always find something new. This time around, we found a really hip burger joint called Le Gourmet Burger. Cody had found a review of it online and read that it was one of the best burger joints in Montreal. Knowing that, we couldn't help but visit it the minute we arrived to Montreal. Also, Cody is a huge burger fan so we had to go to fill his appetite of burgers.

What I really enjoyed about Le Gourmet Burger was that they had unique types of burgers. Instead of having your typical types of french fries, they offered sweet potato fries and poutine. For those of you who don't know what poutine is, it is a wonderful Canadian treat. Anyone who visits Canada needs to try it at least once and after one try, I bet you'll have it more then once! Not only does Le Gourmet Burger have beef patties, but also chicken and what they call a végé-pate burger. If you enjoy toppings on your burger, be prepared for a long list of choices you can choose from! They offer bacon, hummus, fried egg, walnuts, pickled beets, coleslaw and more.

When I went to Le Gourmet Burger I ordered the Le Gentlemen burger. It was a delicious beef burger topped with lettuce, tomato, blue cheese, bacon, and walnuts. What I found really cool about this place was that the people who worked there liked to have fun. The gentlemen working at the cash register joked around with me when I ordered my burger saying I already had a "gentlemen" (meaning my boyfriend). I joked back with him saying, "I know, but I can't eat him!" If you appreciate modern art then you would love the inside appeal Le Gourmet Burger gives off. They have chess piece salt and pepper shakers, bright colored paintings on their walls, exposed brick inside, and the trippiest bathroom I have ever been into! When you walk into their bathroom you will notice that all of the walls are covered in mirrors. No matter where you look, you will always see yourself and it is very mesmerizing.

If you enjoy hip burger joints with unique flavors and a fun atmosphere, then Le Gourmet Burger is for you! Stop by and check them if you get the chance to visit Montreal, Canada and I'm sure you'll be glad you had.

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