The rooftop restaurant in Bangkok has become almost a required element of any new hotel that gets built here in the last several years, ever since Vertigo opened everyone’s eyes to the possibilities that these outlets offer to guests. Of course, Vertigo is probably the most stunning rooftop place in town but many others have their own charm as well and one of these is Leapfrog which is located on the roof of the Ramada Encore hotel on Soi 10.
Unlike Vertigo, which is completely exposed to the weather, Leapfrog has both indoor and outdoor seating areas with the outside featuring couches and plush chairs and the inside furnished in a more traditional restaurant style.
The menu here is not large but contains a number of interesting dishes in what the restaurant is calling CalifornAsian cuisine. Three of the dishes we were most impressed with are pictured here starting with the Chilean seabass above, the lamb napoli to the left and the duck confit on the right. These three dishes also illustrate very well the style that is favored by the chef here.
The look of the dishes is quite intricate and stylized and this is matched by the flavors that have been created by the use of disparate yet complementary ingredients. These combinations provided some interesting flavors and our favorite may have been the duck confit which had a passionberry-based sauce. The lamb napolis were also very tasty and came in little lollipop-sized mouthfuls.
There are many other interesting looking items as well on this menu and the dishes are from both east and west although there are no real fusion-type dishes as you might find in a hard-core fusion emporium. These dishes depend more on subtler touches like the above-mentioned duck confit and the use of top-quality fresh ingredients.
Dishes like Grandma’s Pate and Good looking Mushroom Soup are examples of this as they are simple ideas executed very well. And the menu economically covers several different food types as it offers one dish each that features pork, chicken, lamb and beef — which is Australian wagyu, by the way — and three seafood dishes, each from a  different ocean along with a special squid ink dish from Sicily.
This interesting place isn’t exactly up in the clouds but is up on the roof and offers an atmosphere that matches many of its competitors.