Learning the essentials of grilling may take you to unfamiliar territory of homemade sauces, grandmother recipes and household secrets. On the other hand, learning how to barbecue fish, meat and vegetables is like putting these details into some concrete plan, where obvious results are Sunday night dinners and roast beef or rib eye.

There are a number of barbecue techniques that you can very well use as your main advantage in cooking. Choosing the right food item, determining the proper marinade even the type of grill to use are like some of the important aspects. You can also rely on the following barbecue and grilling tips.

1. How about tips on how to barbecue using the right fuel? Think of indirect cooking using turned off burners or go for direct grilling using hot coals as equipment. For some, the best tools would be briquettes. These items might take a little longer to ignite or prepare, but they are far good in maintaining the right temperature for grilling.

2. Have heard of accidents brought by barbecue flare-ups? For the experts, preparedness serves as the only answer to any flare-up problem. It always pays to think ahead. Keeping a water sprayer can also do the trick. But are there other known ways? Yes, here are a couple of reminders.

To learn how to barbecue minus the flare-ups, it is best to oil the grill. Just make sure to apply a suitable amount of oil onto the grate and always be mindful of excesses. This may require some practice but as soon as you get used to doing it, there won't be any problem.

3. Learning how to barbecue meats and fish has something to do with your choice of ingredients. How about preparing Monkfish kebabs for dinner? How about seared tuna steaks? The ideas are simply limitless, as long as you know what types of meat to barbecue and grill.

More so, it is best to prepare your meats hours before grilling. Marinades and chicken rubs should be done before the actual cooking takes place. Others opt to marinade their chosen meat for nearly 24 hours even two days. That is in order to seal in all the flavors and spices.

4. As for preferred meats, boiling or baking your chicken before grilling it, likewise helps. This procedure is often used by many cooks to prevent relative illnesses. Steaks, on the other hand, are the best choices if you want to learn how to barbecue moist and juicy meats. With just a few brushes of olive oil and freshly ground pepper, you are on your way to having the most perfect steak.

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