Everyone wants to know how to grill a steak to that perfect chef-like taste. Well, it's not that hard when you have the right information.Many people have their own thoughts, views, and ways of cooking on the barbecue, none of which are necessarily wrong, but it's safe to say everyone can learn a thing or two which will improve their food greatly.

The first thing you need to decide is what steak you want to grill as there are many different cuts, all of which offer different pros and cons such as the price, its tenderness, flavor, and even its fat content. There really is no right steak cut to use for grilling; it simply depends on your own personal preference and what you can find at your local grocery store or butcher's.

Filet steak tends to be the tenderest cut from the cow, which is reflected in its price tag. Although it is very tender, it does lack some flavor compared to other cuts.

Ribeye is a great cut which has a very distinctive look which is known as marbling, lines of tasty fat scattered throughout the meat. This may sound bad as far as cholesterol is concerned, but it will produce a very succulent steak from the fat juices during cooking giving you an unbelievably tasty steak.

The strip steak cut goes by a few names, such as the New York Strip or the Kansas City Strip. This cut is not like others where it can be bought on its own or part of two other cuts, the Porterhouse or T-bone. The strip is the cut of steak that most people would say has the strongest taste of all, making it very popular on the menu.

T-bone steak is a combination of two cuts in one, the filet and the strip, making it the "ultimate" steak cut, giving you both very tender meat and strong flavor that doesn't just come from the strip but also the bone the meat is attached to.

The cheapest of all cuts is the sirloin steak, which is what most people tend to have. Yes, the quality and flavor is less than the others, but steaks are getting better these days, and they are a very good value-for-money option.

The next part of how to grill a steak well is the preparation of the meat. Now this can make a huge difference in how the final steak will taste.

Steaks are best cooked from fresh rather than frozen, which is the same as most food. If you are planning on cooking steaks, try to buy them fresh from the store on the day of cooking rather than the week before and freezing them. If you have frozen steaks, then you need to defrost them correctly, and that is to place them on a plate in their packaging and leave in the refrigerator to defrost slowly. Never use a microwave as this will just ruin the flavor.

Before cooking the meat on the grill, it needs to be at room temperature. This way the meat will be at its best to cook, giving you a more succulent and tasty steak. Make sure your Portable BBQ grills are preheated for about 20 minutes, making sure the coals have a grey ash over them. That is when they are ready to use. Now is the time to apply any rubs and flavorings you would like to the meat. If you are using olive oil, make sure you allow it to drip off to avoid fire flares on the barbecue, which could cause burns and patch cooking, meaning the mean will be cooked more in some areas than others.

So, how to grill a steak well - this is the part that everyone worries about, but fear not, as it's not as hard as everyone makes it out to be. You need to make sure you have a plate ready to put the finished steak on, and have some good tongs that are easy to use to flip the steak. The time the steak needs to cook depends on many factors, including grill temperature, steak thickness, and how you like your steak, but let's say, for instance, you have a two-inch steak and like it medium rare; you would need to cook this for nine minutes on the first side and eight minutes on the second with the steak reaching an internal temperature of about 130 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. As with any type of cooking, the more you do, the more you learn and the easier it becomes, just keep a close eye on your steak and you will be fine.

So there you have it. You have learned how to grill a steak, and it's not that hard at all, is it? Just keep calm and don't panic, and in no time at all, you and your family will be eating perfect steaks.