Need to find some ways to use that leftover meat you had for dinner? Beef, ham, and chicken are three of the most popular meats eaten by consumers, but coming up with different ways to use the leftovers can be a challenge. This article presents some ways you can use beef, ham, and chicken leftovers in ways you may have forgotten or never considered.

1) Use the Roast. Just about everyone loves a good pot roast, and here's another way you can reuse the meat by making roast beef patties. Put the leftover roast pieces in your food processor. Add breadcrumbs, some of the broth from the roast, some chopped onions, salt, pepper, or other spices as you desire. Mince the ingredient in the food processor and -voila!-you now have your own homemade roast beef patties. Just fry them up in a pan and you have delicious beef patties that are perfect for a patty melt or burger.

2) Use the Ham. Ham has a wonderfully distinctive flavor and is versatile for use in many dishes. Here are a few ways you can use your leftover ham: (a) Make a ham pot pie. (b) Use the ham in soups such as split pea and ham, or potato and ham soups. (c) Make Ham patties. Mince the meat in your food processor and use it like ground beef. (d) Slice the ham and use it as a side dish with eggs. (e) Dice it and use it in country scrambles, and omelets. (e) Of course you could always slice the ham to make ham and cheese sandwiches.

3) Use the Chicken. Like beef, chicken is another versatile food that can be used in thousands of ways. Here are a few leftover chicken ideas: (a) Dice it and use it to make a chicken salad. (b) Use it with noodles to make a great chicken noodle dish. (c) Make a chicken pot pie. (d) Make chicken noodle soup. (e) Use the chicken in a casserole. (f) Chicken risotto (g) Make chicken soft tacos (h) Use the bones and carcass to make stock for soup, gravy, and broth. Add carrots, celery, bay leaves, onions, and water, and simmer for several hours for a homemade stock that is more delicious and economical than store-bought.

In conclusion, we have looked at several ideas for using up the leftover beef, ham, and chicken. Using your leftovers in new and unique ways brings variety to your menu and helps save money by not letting your leftover food go to waste.

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