If you really love those hamburgers but you are trying to cut back your calories intakes there are several healthy alternatives that will help you lose weight.

Many people prefer vegetables hamburgers because they do not contain many calories, are low in fat and provide a lot of proteins and fiber. Even though they don't taste a lot different from the red meat burgers it may take you a while to get use to them. But in the end you may decide that vegetables burgers are a better choice, especially when you take in consideration the difference in calories.

When choosing a veggie burger is it very important to read the nutrition label. Even though these types of burgers are supposed to have less fat and calories, not all do.

Here are some alternatives to the regular red meat burgers:

1. Vegetable burgers. These are made out of vegetables and they are actually very easy to make by yourself if you chose to. They are healthy due to the many minerals and vitamins found in the vegetables, plus they contain a lot of fiber.

2. Soy burgers. These are as close as you can get to tasting a real burger. They are made out of soy or wheat protein and the texture and flavor is almost identical to a red meat burger. Even though a soy hamburger contain more calories that a veggie one, it's still low in fat and a healthy choice.

3. Burgers made out of grains. These burgers contain the lowest number of calories than any other burger, but their texture is different and they are not very tasty. One way to make brain-bases burgers more tasty is to add different condiments. Salt, pepper, onion, tomatoes are all some good choices when it comes to spicing up your burger.

4. Tofu burgers. These hamburgers contain a lot of proteins and they are actually made out of soybeans. They do not taste great but by adding some barbeque sauce and some vegetables on the side tofu burgers become one of your favorite meals.

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