This is one of my favorite homemade soup recipes.  You would not think, but my kids also enjoy this.  Most children hate veggies, but this recipe is just packed with veggies and is a hit in my house.  This is a recipe my Grandmother gave me, which like most recipes I tweaked to make my own.  Overall, this is a healthy lowfat soup recipe.

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10-12 Cups of Water, 1 Teaspoon or Bullion Cube of Low Sodium Chicken broth.

1 Small Head of Cabbage

1 Medium White/Spanish Onion.

4 Fresh Whole Potatoes Cleaned and Peeled.

1 Link of Lowfat Turkey Keilbasa. (This is one of the reasons, this makes this a low calorie soup recipe.  You can also use a fresh keilbasa from your favorite Polish Deli, but that will defeat the low cal soup recipe).

Start off by boiling the 10-12 cups per water, use an eye level with how large your pot is your making the soup in. Add the keilbasa to the water and boil this, even if it pre cooked.  This will add such flavor to the soup. Once, the water is boiled remove the keilbasa and put on a plate or cooking board and let it cool.  Once you remove the keilbasa add your low sodium chicken flavored bullion cubes or if you do not have cubes, you can add 1 teaspoon per cup of bullion, directly to the water the keilbasa was boiling in.  The reason, for adding the broth mixture to the keilbasa water, is just for flavor.  This is one of the key parts to this recipe.

After the broth is boiling, you can simmer the broth. Next is dice your cabbage, potatoes and onion to the size you would like and add the veggies to the broth, as the broth simmers.

After the keilbasa is cooled down, simply cut the link into small bite sizes pieces.  Add this to the soup next.

Lastly, just let the soup simmer for about 45-minutes to an hour, until the vegetables are soft and tender.  You should cover the pot with a lid during this time.

Now, you have created a delicious lowfat soup.  This is generally a fast soup recipe.  The total preparation time is about 15-20 minutes.  Now you can enjoy a soup that is not only healthy and low fat, but absolutely delicious.