The quiet, elegant surroundings at Ma Du Zi, a charming boutique hotel on Asoke Road carry over to its library-like restaurant which features bookcases that partition off the tables into their own semi-private nooks. It’s a rather unique look and that decor is matched by the food tht is presented to diners.
With a nouveau French style, chef Yuya Okuda, a Japanese national trained in classical French cooking in France, gives diners his interpretations of some classical dishes as well as some of his own original creations. Yuya’s food, whichever dish he makes, is highly stylized and painstakingly crafted to give diners maximum visual stimulation in addition to well-articulated flavors. 
The dishes pictured here — foie gras terrin directly below, the lamb chops at bottom left, the bouillibaisse at upper right and the tuna micuit at bottom right — are all good examples of the chef’s style with strong visual appeal and cincentrated flavors.
This philodophy permeated the entire menu and the food is consistently presented, with each dish having been meticulously planned and executed by th echef and his team. This level of cuisine is not the norm in this city and the skill level displayed by Chef Yuya is matched by only a small number of chefs in all of Bangkok.
Chef Yuya offers his diners a choice of two different set menus as well as an ala carte menu and both meats and seafood are equally well represented with Wagyu beef being the highlight of the beef selections of this esoteric menu.
Ma Du Zi By Yuya, Asoke Road, 02-615-6400