When you've just had a huge party at your place or a get together, the chances are likely that there would be a great deal of leftover food especially turkey. In case you have no other option but to throw the turkey away, stop for a moment. Here are a few very engaging recipes of the leftover turkey. After all wasting food isn't a good thing.

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The 'Savory Turkey Gobbler' is one of the finest ways to make the most out of leftover turkey. Served with cranberry sauce on one side and freshly minced salad on the other, this one is certain to appease your taste buds. You may top this one up with homemade biscuits prior to baking in case you are running short of time. Nevertheless, avoid the biscuits in case you are watching your calories and trying to reduce weight. In addition, you can use the Dietrine Carb Blocker for faster fat loss.

The second interesting thing that you can make from the leftover turkey is the 'Ham and Swiss Casserole'. For this recipe, you need ham and some Swiss cheese. These ingredients add an excellent flavor to the recipe to make it absolutely delectable. For the topping, add croissant crumbs in case you have a few.

The turkey with ham & cheese tastes absolutely delightful when it is served with freshly tossed salad or sliced tomatoes. It not just multiplies the taste by many folds, but also adds up to the final nutritional value of the dish. In addition, salads are extremely beneficial for your skin as well as health. Acne sufferers could derive benefits from salads that encompass vegetables or fruits. Though this isn't the only solution for acne, for effective results, consider using good acne treatment products such as Exposed Skincare System.

If you love creamy meals, you can also try to cook 'creamy parmesan turkey sauce that too with country ham as well as peas'. Use dollops of cheese to accentuate the all round flavor as well as creamy texture of the dish. You can also use smoked ham in place of ham as per your taste. This recipe is perfect, if served with hot creamy grits or pasta.

The recipe above was for the easy going people but those who're diet conscious, 'The Curried Turkey Salad' is a brilliant recipe. For this recipe, you require mayonnaise, dried cranberries and chopped cooked turkey. Too much mayonnaise is not too good for the diet conscious. If you happen to add it in excess, you could use a treadmill to sweat it out. To give it an added flavor, you can add green onion and pecans to it. This recipe for another reason is great for the health conscious; it has several seasonings which give it a good flavor and these in no way take a toll on your health.

Now you've an idea of what you could do with the leftover turkey. So, do use these ideas!