Making a delicious Crockpot beef stew can be one of those things that some might find to be a little difficult. However, there are some easy ways of making this delicious recipe, without too much trouble at all. You will find that any cold winter day will be the perfect time to create a batch of this delicious food and in no time, your whole family will be celebrating the dish you have created.

Before you begin this process, you will want to ensure that your meat has been lightly browned, but not cooked to ensure you have tender and juicy morsels that are perfect when you serve them. This process is actually called searing and you might find that term used in a number of recipes.

From this point, you will want to add about four cups of beef stock to your Crockpot. From here, you will add in your 2 pounds of cubed stew meat and the seasonings that you might like. Some of the more common choices will be rosemary, parsley, and even black pepper. It is important than you lightly season during this time, as the best Crockpot stew recipe will end up having a more intense flavor after it cooks for some time.

Allow your mixture to cook on high for one hour, you will be turning it down shortly, but you want to ensure that the meat has a chance to cook before you add in your vegetables. This will add additional flavor that they will pick up in the process.

When the time has passed you will add in 4 chopped carrots, 5 chopped stalks of celery and 3 cubed potatoes into your mix. Stir them in well and then turn your heat down to low and allow this mixture to sit for about 4 or more hours if possible. You can also add in an onion at this time, depending on if you want that flavor mixed in with your dish.

Once you have cooked up this mixture, you will want to thicken it up. Depending on your desired thickness, you will want to add 1 - 4 teaspoons of corn starch. Remember that the more you add, the thicker this mix is going to be. So decide on that and then proceed carefully. It can take about 5 minutes for this addition to show the true thickness your dish is going to have.

There are other options that you have to add into your mix as well. You can add in okra or other vegetables that might appeal to you. Just know there is no right or wrong way to make a Crockpot beef stew recipe, so find the best balance for you and enjoy the stew you have made.

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