It’s the Love Scene we’re talking about and it’s a hole-in-the-wall restaurant on Soi 23, not a 60s-era hangout as might be imagined from its rather interesting name. However, this Thai restaurant did start life as a pub on Soi Cowboy in the early 90s before moving around the corner 12 years ago to its present location about 30 meters from Cowboy.
Inside, the decor could kindly be called eclectic although other adjectives might be more appropriate. However, it’s what’s on the plate that packs Thais and westerners in during weekday lunches. In fact, reservations are recommended.
Other times of the day bring in different crowds to this 24-hour operation. Evenings are primarily farangs, many with their Thai dates, and the late night crowd could be anyone from anywhere. According to Manager Joe, who’s been here for 12 years himself, it’s not unusual to have both the downstairs and upstairs dining rooms packed at 4 AM.
When we said hole-in-the-wall we weren’t kidding. Blink when you walk past the doorway and you’ll miss it. A narrow corridor leads past the open-air kitchen that butts up against the sidewalk with tanks of fresh seafood on display. 
Seafood, by the way comprises about 40 percent of the menu here and with the type of volume they serve you know it will always be fresh. In addition to the Thai dishes we sampled, we ordered the one western dish on the menu — fish and chips  — and were served a tender piece of sea bass with a crispy, breaded exterior (no thick batter).
With low prices and fresh food, Love Scene provides locals with an all-purpose place to enjoy good food at any hour of the day.
Love Scene, Soi 23, 02-661-6002