There are many buffets in the Sukhumvit area — some good, some not so good — but there are also some that  are really good and the one at the Marriott Cafe in the JW Marriott Hotel on Soi 2 is one of those.
Many buffets seem to balance between offering quality or quantity. We’ve been to quite a number of them over the years and very few offer both. The Marriott Cafe manages to do both and it’s partly because of the effort on the part of the restaurant staff by doing things such as keeping small amounts of food in the warming trays and watching them constantly to refill them instead of filling them up which tends to dry the food out by the time the dishes are empty. It’s a small thing to be sure but it makes a big difference in the quality of the food.
This and other things make the buffet here an enjoyable experience and the proof of that is the number of people that were here the latest time we visited. It looked like well over 100 people who were all willing to pay 1,200 baht for the spread that was on offer.  
Our own sampling included a wide variety of the food as we probably only missed out on the cold seafood selection, an oversight that was noticed only after we were already full.
The photos here portray some of the items we tried during our visit recently. The Caesar Salad at the bottom of the page was the start of our meal and the other two photos show plates that contain items from some of the many other stations that are part of this large and diverse buffet. From Thai food to foie gras (at night only, priced at 1,400 baht) there are many items to choose from, too many really for one outing so you won’t be bored coming here again.
We especially enjoyed the carvery items like the roast beef, the great cheese selection, the Caesar salad, the sushi items and variety of other fresh salads we tried.
This buffet is certainly one of the best in an area that boasts of having a number of good buffets as mentioned above. The selection is matched by the quality and the value which is key to its popularity.
Marriott Cafe, JW Marriott Hotel, Soi 2, 02-656-7700