The sparkling interior of Mauve, the all-day dining restaurant in the Radisson Executive Suites on Soi 13 is as inviting in its own way as the menu of this stylish eatery. Sleekly modern and contemporary, the space offers diners a glimpse of some of the kitchen and also has a separate, airy bar area.
The newly revamped menu concentrates on western favorites and Thai specialties along with a good selection of pizzas made in the kitchen’s pizza oven.
Pastas and burgers are also included along with several other sandwiches including a classic club and both salmon and chicken sandwiches for the more diet conscious. 
To that end there is also a good selection of salads, both western and Thai, and also a number of soups from both cuisines.
There’s also a section that contains grilled items which consist of imported meat and seafood from New Zealand (rack of lamb), Australia (beef) and Norway (salmon).
Our own samplings included the surf and turf which was made up of tenderloin and tiger prawns and a tasty lobster bisque made from local lobster and rendered in a cappuccino style.
With stylish presentations, as you can see in the photos here, and a good selection of dishes, Mauve offers diners a good alternative to cuisine-specific restaurants and more formal places as well as offering a convenient Soi 13 location. It’s worth a visit to check this place out.
Mauve, Radisson Executive Suites, Soi 13, 02-645-4999