The relatively new (four months old ) Mavericks restaurant located inside the Flowhouse complex in A Square on Soi 26 is a casually designed place whose menu has recently been overhauled to provide its guests with some simple comfort foods.
Burgers and pizzas now feature prominently on the menu and there is a good variety of each to choose from. The Mav Burger to the right was one of our choices on a recent visit and it was cooked very well, not overdone, and came on a bun that the chef, Rory from Australia, bakes in their kitchen. This is something that almost no restaurant does here, as far as we’ve seen anyway, and it makes a difference when the buns are this fresh.
Another simple dish we had was the mushroom soup you see at the lower right. Made with shiitake and local mushrooms its earthy texture and flavor were satisfying and tasty.  Another straightforward dish was the smoked salmon you see to the left that came on a bed of hash brown potatoes with a hint of parmesan.
This place is primarily a great place for people to get a little refreshment and sustenance after surfing on the Flowrider machine but it’s starting to be more  of a destination for people who want good food. The sports bar upstairs is starting to attract sports fans too and the regular barbecues that have just started should also attract people so check out this place for a variety of reasons, the most important possibly being the comfortable feeling you’ll have after trying some of the food that’s being served here.
Mavericks, Soi 26, 02-108-5210