Renowned Italian chef Alfredo Russo just arrived from Turin, Italy  to create a week of his signature Italian cuisine featuring an a la carte menu and on two nights a special wine dinner of his Michelin star cuisine. It will all be happening at Rossini’s Italian restaurant in the Sukhumvit Grande Hotel. 
On Thursday January 31, the acknowledged master of “New Italian Style’” cuisine invites discerning epicureans to savor his wine dinner menu paired with Tuscan wines from “La Spinetta.”  Each of his innovative dishes skillfully infuse Italy’s rich culinary traditions with a distinctly modern approach to cooking and presentation. Each course of the wine dinner is complemented by a selected wine vintage picked especially for it. 
Chef Alfredo will also host a wine dinner on Wednesday February 6. At this diner his duck-themed dishes will be accompanied by distinctive Piedmonte wines. Each of these dinners is priced at 4,950 baht net per person.
In addition to the special wine dinners, every evening from February 1 through February 5 at Rossini’s Chef Alfredo will be serving a la carte and set menus of new and inspired dishes created for discerning diners. 
Chef Alfredo’s a la carte and set menus will be available every evening from February 1 to February 5, 2013.
With a perceptive view of food, Chef Russo has developed a cutting edge cuisine where tradition is prized and shaped in a surprising manner to create modern and flavorful interpretations. No compromises are made in using the finest of ingredients in this chef’s kitchen and the results speak for themselves. 
The dishes are elegantly constructed and the flavors are rich and bold with no ostentation.
Michelin star Chef Alfredo Russo is the master chef and culinary tour de force behind the internationally acclaimed Il Dolce Stil Novo in Turin, Italy. His prestigious restaurant is regarded as one of the finest dining experiences in Italy. The elegant restaurant is located in the Royal Palace of Venaria where Chef Alfredo offers diners a unique culinary journey infused with the rich history of the beautiful palace.  
You can sample his creations here or if you’re in Turin, Italy any time visit the chef’s flagship restaurant, Dolce Stil Novo.