Is there a formula for success in the restaurant business? Not really, because if there were then everyone would just follow it and make a lot of money. There are, however, certain principles that can be followed that will not necessarily guarantee success but at least keep you pointed in the right direction.
The first thing you need to do is get a good chef that knows how to cook good food. That seems like a no-brainer but if you’ve been to as many restaurants as we have in this city over the last 17 years you’d know that only a small percentage of restaurants here actually follow this principle.
Monsoon has an American chef who worked with a number of top chefs in the U.S. starting 25 years ago and has also spent a number of years working both here and in China. His name is Kip Oxman and when he’s not playing bass he’s at Monsoon putting out good dishes of food at a consistently high level.
Which brings us to our next basic principle — consistency. Whatever it is your cooking, be consistent. McDonalds doesn’t have the highest quality of food but you always know what you’re getting there. It’s always the same so people know what to expect. Many high-level chefs over the years have told us this first when we’ve asked them what the most important thing is for a restaurant. They always say consistency and Monsoon is always consistent.
The next principle is to offer value for money. Monsoon is not a five-star place but it doesn’t pretend to be either. What you get here is good, well-executed dishes at reasonable prices. There are dishes like the ones you see here: salmon over risotto at left and a pumpkin soup with just the right dash of ginger below. They’re both good and both are reasonably priced.
Check out this highly successful place for a casual meal in comfortable surroundings any time but be prepared to dine in the company of many other patrons in search of the same thing. 
Monsoon, Soi 8, 02-653-1110