The taste and texture of Wagyu beef is what that differentiates it from regular beef breeds. Research have shown that the high amount of marbling is what that enhances the flavor and tenderness of the beef. When Wagyu is properly cooked, marbling gets absorbed into the muscle thus making the meat soft and luscious that it just melts in your mouth.
Therefore, a lot depends on how the Wagyu is cooked. Marbling has a very low melting point and in order to prevent the fat from melting away so quickly, Wagyu should be cooked fast over a high flame. Here's some of the lip-smacking dishes prepared using Wagyu beef.

Beef Steak is the most popular dish prepared using Wagyu beef. After sauteeing the beef in clarified butter with salt and butter, it should be placed on a hot pan so that the beef gets a good sear, say about 90 seconds on each side. Delicious beef steak can also be prepared by rubbing the steak on both sides with freshly grounded pepper and coarse kosher or sea salt. Now care should be taken when searing the beef as it should be seared only on the outside. When the beef is properly seared, brush both sides with olive oil and heat it again until it is of desirable consistency.

Eating Wagyu beef in Sashimi style is also popular. Here Wagyu is eaten raw to enjoy its natural taste and texture. But most Americans sear it gently so that it is lightly cooked on the inside and a little crisp on the outside.

Wagyu Yakiniku is also quite a popular dish. It is prepared using soy, garlic, ginger and sesames, tops of mushrooms and heart of the Pak Choy which are added to Wagyu placed on a deep plate and then topped with grated apple. It is marinated for 20 minutes and then barbecued. Drizzle olive oil if the beef starts to dry out.

Wagyu beef with Asian greens is something that beef lovers would crave for more once they taste it. Prepared using barbecue sauce, Wagyu steaks, Chinese greens, garlic, red chili, and Chinese black beans, Wagyu beef with Asian greens is widely popular for its great taste.