Panini sandwiches are famous for being healthy and easy to cook. Tonight we are making a grilled turkey sandwich - learn how easy and quick you can prepare a sandwich for your family and friends.

When you feel hungry and want something easy to prepare - go for the panini sandwiches. You can make a delicious sandwiches using a good variety of ingredients. Some of the best brands of panini makers are Delonghi, Giada, Bella Cucina. And prices are affordable, it will not break your budget after paying anywhere from $20 to over $80.

We start with the buns, you will need around 2 - 4 pieces. Crusty Italian buns works just fine, but some people like other brands instead. Other ingredients will be needed: 6 oz. turkey ( 6 - 8 slices ), 6 slices of ham, 5 teaspoons of basil pesto, 3 tablespoons butter ( soft ), thinly sliced mozzarella cheese, 1 tomato.

Next use 3 tablespoons of butter and spread it over bottom of the buns. For the top half use basil pesto, layer sandwiches with turkey, ham, mozzarella cheese and small slices of tomato. Some people also add pickles, which can help to give your sandwich even a better taste. It's up to you.

Heat the panini maker, it usually takes less than 5 minutes for the "green light" to come up. Make sure that your sandwich is centered on the grill plate. Another tip is to use some olive oil or butter on the buns to make even browning. Any type of bread can be used for the sandwiches: rye, whole wheat, flat-breads, tortillas.

Hot grilled sandwiches are the best choice for last minute lunches or suppers. Hungry kids after school will enjoy hot made food as much as your friends. And you can use so many variations! Experiment with different cheese, bread and meat - make a lot of fun in your kitchen. 
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Sandwiches are very easy to make, more over you don't have to have a huge budget - some of the ingredients could be already in your refrigerator, some people grow vegetables in their gardens & have more natural products to enjoy. It's a fact that eating natural products is more healthy for you & your family.