It’s a pleasure to dine at a restaurant where the chef and management are interested in creating great food and they take the time and expend the effort to do so. It’s evident at Napa On 26 that the people responsible for creating this beautiful restaurant also have the passion in them to want to serve well-designed and great tasting dishes to their customers.
Chef Christian Hinckley has been here for only four months now, replacing the restaurant’s previous Swiss chef, and his influence has been felt already as he has taken the menu away from a more classical French approach and lightened it up somewhat.
It appears to us to be more American now than anything else and the dishes that appear here on this page, and that made up the bulk of the degustation menu during our visit, are representative of the entire menu: left is roasted snowfish, right is a pork loin and pork belly combination, below is a Boston lobster salad and bottom is a wagyu beef tartare. 
As you can see, the dishes are all carefully sculpted and the balance of flavors is as refined as the structure of the plates. The chef has taken dishes as elementary as beef tartare and pork belly and elevated them to a height that only an expert blending of ingredients will allow, and in the case of the pork belly, excellent cooking techniques come into play as well.
And since the restaurant is named for the most famous wine area in the United States there is a wine list that is worthy of any restaurant in the city.
 It concentrates on New World wines with an emphasis, of course, on wines from California. There are a lot of good bottles here and the prices are reasonable for Thailand, probably because the owners of the restaurant include a wine importing company that specializes in California wines.
The food, wine and atmosphere here combine to offer diners a unique experience, one that’s taken a lot of effort and time to create.
Napa On 26, Soi 26, 02-258-2622