Dinner recipes can be hard to come up with day after day, meal after meal. It's easy to get stuck on the same few meals. Sometimes old favorite recipes get forgotten as people eat the same things. Poor planning causes that. Now that more people are more focused on other things like work, it's not easy to plan and execute a healthy menu. 

When coming up with recipes and a menu schedule prior planning prevents future problems. People who take some time to plan out menus can select a wider variety of recipes. Sure the food is important, but so is the atmosphere around the meal. Everyone can enjoy the same basic food if it's made into a variety of different meals.

Take ground beef for example. Add some flour, vegetables such as onions, tomatoes and lettuce. That's a hamburger, right? That's a taco too. While very different in the eyes and taste buds of most people, hamburgers and tacos share many of the same basic ingredients. A single food can result in a lot of different recipes. Here's another. Chicken and potatoes. Fried chicken and French fries aren't too healthy. Roast the chicken and potatoes for a healthy meal. More with the same potato and chicken. Chicken salad and chips make a good lunch. Chicken pot pie. Chicken Teriyaki comes with rice, a starch just like the potatoes. There it is, a lot of variety from only a few basic foods.

Try more than one meat. Delicious kebabs come from chicken and steak along with some vegetables. Then there's a classic favorite of steak and lobster. The same deep fryer can cook both a fried turkey and some fish and chips for an early snack.

What about sources for meal ideas? There are a lot of food shows on television, even an entire channel dedicated to food. Those give great ideas, and most have web sites where more information, including dinner recipes, can be found. Speaking of on line, food ideas abound on web sites. Try a Google or MSN search for dinner ideas. Nobody could every get through all the available info online.