Rossini’s Italian restaurant in the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Hotel has  been around now for 16 years or so. That’s a fair amount of time for any restaurant and as much as things have changed in the world during that time not much has changed at Rossini’s. People have come and gone and the menu has also changed, although quite rarely. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the attention to detail and commitment to quality that started when the restaurant first opened. 
I was there 16 years ago and also on a very recent visit and the atmosphere, service and food quality are the same now as they were back then.
A recent menu change has brought some new-look dishes to the selections and the restaurant is now under the stewardship of master Italian chef Stefano Merlo (pictured left) who welcomed us to the restaurant and presented us with a variety of tastes from the menu that encompassed both the Classics section — dishes that have been favorites for years — along with the “Modern” section which includes the new entries. The menu is actually divided equally, one page each, between these two sections.
Two of the most welcome tastes that we experienced during the evening were the salmon dish the chef served us and also the lamb loin with herbs, stewed leeks and a goat cheese sauce. The salmon might have been the best cooked piece of fish we’ve had in this city. We’re not sure what chef Stefano did to this fish but we’re glad that he did it, as will any other diners here. And the lamb was also cooked perfectly and was nicely complemented by the subtle cheese sauce.
The new menu has also been specially created to complement wines from a wine list known as “primoVino by Rossini’s,” a new concept that the restaurant has instituted to try to offer premium wines at affordable prices, a real challenge in this country. 
This restaurant has been doing  a lot of good things for a lot of years and will almost certainly keep doing the same for a long time to come.
Rossini’s, Sheraton Grande 
Sukhumvit, 02-649-8888