New York strip steak is priced highly for its exceptional flavor and tenderness, and is one of the more expensive beef cuts in the market. Known to many culinary experts as one of the highest quality cuts for beef steaks and preferred by most steak connoisseurs for its marbling, texture, and taste, the strip steak is one of the most important cuts and one of the most sought after part of the cow. The best way to enjoy New York strip steak according to those who favor it is to serve the meat rare, with just a little bit of salt, pepper, and a side of herb butter.

There are a few options for steak delivery. One is to have fresh cut New York strip steaks and any other choice meats delivered to you right after butchering, ensuring that the meat you ordered stays fresh and in top quality. You may also opt to have steak that's already grilled and prepared by restaurants and steak houses. This is ideal for people who find themselves often too busy to shop or cook, or both.

One of the most well-known places where you can get great steak in New York city is The Strip House, a bordello-styled steak house that is in a class of its own. There are so many other steak houses in New York, as it is a favorite among many New Yorkers and tourists. Locals will even recommend their own favorite steak joints in each area of New York, so don't be afraid to ask around. 

Rare steaks should be grilled between 1-5 minutes at 120-129F, medium rare steak should be at 130-139F. Medium steaks are at 140-149F from 2 to about 7 minutes and medium well at 150 to 159F from 4 minutes to about 9 minutes. Some of the most well-loved recipes for preparing New York steak include the New York strip steak with honey mustard steak sauce. You can also try the Old No. 7 grilled steak, which is another favorite for many steak lovers.