Boy, are they bringing the fish. Lots of fish. All kinds of fish. All kinds of New Zealand fish to be precise. And all of it from cold, clean water that gives all of these fish — and shellfish — great flavors that only cold water can create.
There’s quite a selection here at Snapper New Zealand on Soi 11 behind Cheap Charlie’s and a variety of ways you can choose to have it cooked. On a recent visit we went the deep-fried route and were rewarded with some tender flaky fish and flavorful scallops, shrimp and mussels. 
We also sampled some of the home-smoked fish that Snapper prepares — salmon and manuka — in a hot-smoked fashion that also included smoked mussels. This method cooks the fish more than the more common cold-smoked method that most people associate with smoked salmon. It must be said that this style brings out more of the flavor of the fish as we found it to be more enjoyable than other smoked fish we’ve had before.
And to provide a lighter respite from the smoky flavors and heavier fried items we munched on a rocket salad that came with celery, guava and walnuts and was a great accompaniment to the meal.
The many varieties of fish here provide an incentive to come back and eat more. One thing we’ll be back to try is the restaurant’s namesake, the New Zealand snapper. You can order this three different ways: pan-fried, deep-fried and poached. These dishes are for two people and represent a very good value at 590 baht.
You can also check out the sole, tarahiki, southern hake and blue warehou among others on the list. Or try a snapper platter which combines seven varieties of fish and shellfish and is served for two for 990 baht. The prices here are all reasonable, actually, and just about everything is made in the restaurant, including the ketchup and other condiments. And those fish? They keep coming and coming. 
Snapper New Zealand, 02-651-1098