What’s the best way to have great food in your restaurant? It’s easy. Get a great chef. And then let him do his thing. That’s what the new “urban resort” Ocean Bangkok on Soi 33 has done and the results speak for themselves on the plate.
Chef Jacobo Astray from Spain has been cooking for  awhile now but it was his three years as chef de partie at the world famous restaurant elBulli in his native country that prepared him for his ongoing culinary career. He’s been here in Thailand for a while now and is serving his brand of Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine at this newly opened resort.
His menu here ranges from tapas-like dishes, both hot and cold,  to main courses like a sous vide salmon dish and a couple of other seafood dishes like the red snapper pictured here. Three are sandwiches and burgers, as you see above, and even some Thai dishes but for us the tapas dishes were the most interesting.
From miniature ice cream-type cones to the tuna tataki pictured below left to the chicken fingers above left — which are like no chicken fingers we’ve ever had before — to the deep fried eggplant with honey and miso and the garlic soup with prawn foam, the chef’s selection of tapas is a winner and definitely worth the trip to this eclectic restaurant. As long as Chef Jacobo continues to do his thing here Ocean Bangkok has a winning formula.
Ocean Bangkok, Soi 33, 02-261-2800