They are known by many names and tastes as Buffalo wings, chicken wings, hot wings or wings. Buffalo wings are named after their city of origin, Buffalo, New York. There are conflicting stories of who actually discovered the combination of wings and hot sauce and the events leading up to the discovery. What we do know is that there is nothing better than a good batch of hot wings. The perfect recipe is hard to find and it is not as simple as buying some BBQ sauce, grilling some chicken wings and combining the two. What most hot wing lovers are in search for is the sauce that will silence a crowd; wing sauce so good that no one can utter a word because they are consumed with a taste that is indescribable.

Hot wings are chicken wing sections (called wings or "flats") and wing drummettes that are sometimes deep fried and then coated in sauce. The traditional Buffalo style sauce is compose of vinegar-based cayenne pepper hot sauce and butter. This type of sauce and preparation has been added to many different types of chicken dishes like chicken fingers, chicken nuggets, boneless chicken wings and popcorn chicken.

Buffalo wings are thought to have been first prepared at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York in 1964 by Teressa Belissiomo, co-owner of the bar with her husband Frank. It is said that Dominic Belsissiomo had come to the bar one late night with a group of his friends. Teressa needed a fast snack to feed the group. She then came up with the idea to deep fry the chicken wings and then tossing them in cayenne hot sauce. There are about 4 different versions of the hot wing story and it is unknown why there are variations. The fourth story had nothing to do with the Anchor Bar. A man named John Young also claimed credit for serving hot wings in a special "mambo sauce." This dish became the specialty at his Buffalo restaurant in the mid-1960. The Anchor Bar is better known for their contribution to the hot wing movement but perhaps it will never be known who the original creator was.

How popular are hot wings? According to The National Chicken Council there are approximately 24 billion wings sold each year. In 2008 at the Buffalo Wing Festival there were 78,000 people who consumed 560,000 hot wings an equivalent to 27 tons. Hooters restaurant serves 30 million pounds of hot wings per year, this many wings would encircle the earth at the equator. Hot wings are very popular; sales are the highest during Super Bowl season (an estimated 1 billion are sold on Super Bowl Sunday).

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