A recent visit to Oskar on Soi 11 confirmed to us that this place is still one of the best restaurants in Sukhumvit. Of course, we had not doubt before we even walked in the door that we were in for an evening of great food but the proof is in the pudding as some one once said. 
There would have to have been a cosmic shift in the universe or some equally momentous occurrence for the quality of the food to change here where chef Julien Lavigne has created a menu that delights diners on a continuing basis.
Our basic feeling about Oskar has not changed since our first visit almost 18 months ago: come here often and just start eating. It really doesn’t matter what you order since it’s all going to taste great. The spicy seafood salad (below left), the Oskar salad (above) and the crispy skin salmon (below right) all confirmed this on a recent visit and the Phuket salad (above right) was a favorite of ours from a previous visit.
It’s not that we’re only hooked on the salads here as these photos may seem to indicate — they just look prettier in photos than some of the other delicious dishes we like here too such as the duck parmentier, the calamari and the braised lamb leg, a recent find.
The lamb leg and duck dishes come from the cocotte section of the menu, cocottes being sort of mini casseroles that are rich and full of great flavors. The duck has long been our favorite but we’re going to have to broaden our horizons and try more of these tasty little dishes like the paella-style rice that contains prawns, chicken, squid and chorizo or the lentils with sausage, herbs, ham and bacon or one of a number of others that look equally tempting.
There are many other types of food here too, starting with the pizzas, which may be Oskar’s most popular menu item. The kitchen is open late and these tasty pies that come out of a wood-fired oven are 
You’ll also find sandwiches and burgers, pastas, skewers — like our favorite salmon with wasabi dip (to die for) — and a list of main dishes which will be enlarged on the new menu and should be ready by the time you read this. 
There are also side dishes and, as you can see here, a list of salads that includes four Caesar varieties. And one thing that’s interesting about this menu is the prices: they’re very reasonable making Oskar a great value for money place as well as a great dining destination.
What’s our advice? Go to Oskar. Now. And just start eating.
Oskar, Soi 11, 02-255-3377