Do you spend time in the summer making delicious barbecue ribs on your outdoor grill? Well now you can stash the grill in the attic and build yourself an outdoor kitchen with all of the conveniences and comforts of the indoor kitchen and with a built in outdoor BBQ island.

No more running into the house for things you need while the ribs are burning away. With an outdoor kitchen everything you need is right at your finger tips including a dining area in which to serve your newly barbecued ribs.

An outdoor BBQ island has the grill located at the top of the island with convenient storage for the fresh ribs or steaks, condiments and sauces all in a refrigeration unit in the island. There is also convenient storage for the apron, towels, and utensils needed to cook with. For dining, there could be a storage compartment for dishes, flatware, glassware and mugs as well as serving dishes and platters. Certainly this type of grill is more convenient than the old outdoor grill. Besides, there is more time for you to enjoy the job of grilling and will give you more time to relax and enjoy the company of your family and friends

Your outdoor BBQ island can be gas (generally propane), electric or charcoal. They can be designed to have a cooking top with side burners and a warming oven or cooking oven and rotisserie. In some instances the island will also house a refrigerator and a place for the microwave. You can also have our barbecue island on wheels which will then give you the option of settling it down wherever you may want, either pool side or near the house. You can also make your barbecue island stationary and enjoy using it in the same place every time. When designing your outdoor kitchen, after you have obtained all of the necessary permits, researched the different prices of each component of the kitchen the first thing you want to look for is the outdoor BBQ island and not just because it's Dad's basic necessity.

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