This summer everyone enjoys being outside and grilling their favorite foods. Hot dogs, Burgers, and steaks are just a few that will be sizzling on the grill this season. During the summer people may get confused on which food is the best to grill for a party they are about to have. Maybe choosing the right seasoning and spices can become difficult for anyone that hasn't grilled before. This article can help you get ready for a long summer of grilling and by the end you'll be an expert.

First things first, which grill do you get? There are two types of grills out there to choose from. Gas and Charcoal. Both have their ups and downs, I'm not here to rip one apart and sell you the other. Just about to give you a brief summary of each. Which will allow you to decide which you would like.

A Gas grill uses gas to run, usually you can buy a tank to get the gas or use the gas line from your home. Gas grills are easy to clean and light instantly. You can set the right temperature and control the flames to the setting you'd like.

A Charcoal grill uses charcoal that you light and can get very hot. It can take about 20 minutes to be completely ready for you to throw the steak on. Charcoal can give you that tasty smoke flavor in your food. Over time if you use your grill a lot, the flavors from burgers and steak can grill into the food you are cooking now. That is not a bad thing but will make your food taste extra juicy. This grill can become a pain to clean but worth it in the end, after you bite into your food.

Now that, that is out of the way. We can discuss what foods can be grilled that you probably wouldn't expect. Peppers can be put in a grilling pot and will cook for awhile. This makes the peppers crispy and tasty. No matter what grill you choose for this, they will still come out great. Bean Burgers are becoming a huge option for people that like to eat healthy. This burger is a patty made of beans, onions, chili, garlic and many other parts. Putting all these things together, you walk away with a yummy bean burger. This can be grilled just as much as a regular meat patty. A Bean burger should be on your list of foods to try this summer.

From this article you got some facts on two different grills and two different foods to try on your new grill. I hope this summer is a really sizzler on the grill and not heat wise. Next time you go to the beach or a park, bring some charcoal. They may have a grill for you to use and try these great foods while you're at it.

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