If you search on "Panda Express Orange Chicken Recipe" you'll get 2,240 results. How in the world are you going to find a great recipe for this popular dish. Of course you can always go to Panda Express - there's five of them within 10 miles of me in Austin, Texas. I mean the place is good and worth the drive sometimes. As their website says, "You'll be coming back for more. And more. And more!"

But wouldn't it be great to make a tasty dish like this at home. Your friends, family and yourself will be so impressed. Too bad they don't just print out their recipe on their website. Huh, funny thing why restaurants won't do that for us... Wish they would it sure would make life a lot easier. So we're left to our own devises and forced to find the recipe somewhere, somehow.

If you enter Panda Express copy cat recipe you get 6,930 results. So it's obvious that lots of people have "secret" recipes from this fine establishment. The big challenge is to find the right recipe that tells you how to make food like at Panda Express. Some of these sources are websites that just slap up a bunch of recipes to lure you to their site so you will click on a google ad. They aren't really concerned with giving you a good product--the sites were built to make money for the owner.

Other sites seem a little bit more legitimate but how do you know. Just because a website looks professionally done, the content can be crap. It's really surprising the amount of web content that is just put in place to try to make money and doesn't really help anyone solve their problems.

Luckily, there are a few sources that do provide quality information and useful productsComputer Technology Articles, but finding them can be a bit challenging.