You will find very few people who are not in love with pasta.  A hearty dish of pasta truly offers a real treat to our taste buds. Most of the pasta preparations are wonderfully flavorful and taste awesome.  Different varieties of pasta are available. Though they are prepared from same ingredients, they differ in sizes and shapes. Want to know about different types of pastas? Then continue reading to learn about different pasta types that are commonly used in preparing delectable pasta dishes.

Different Types of Pastas


Have you ever heard of Fusilli? It is one of the widely consumed pastas, available in an array of colors, including red and green. Spiral in shape, fusilli has three edges. The green color is obtained from spinach. Beetroot juice is added to make the item red.


The unique design of Farfalle, another popular type of Italian pasta is quite eye-catching. The term has been derived from Italian word "Farfalla", which means butterfly. When teamed with pasta sauces and tomatoes, it makes lip smacking preparation.


Spaghetti, very popular in Europe is long, thin and cylindrical in structure. This food item is prepared from water and semolina. Spaghetti dishes prepared with Bolognese sauce and meat balls are widely savored around the world. It is great to relish at breakfast or snack time.


Bucatini has striking resemblance with spaghetti. However, it is thicker and made from durum wheat flour. It is often combined with other types of pastas to enrich the taste.

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Hollow and slightly bent at both the ends, Macaroni is a favorite of many. It teams well with sauce and melted cheese. Popular among kids, preparation of Macaroni does not take much time.


Widely consumed in Italy, Lasagne is available in form of sheets of different sizes. It is commonly dished in baked form.Addition of exotic ingredients contributes a unique taste to the preparation of Lasagne. It is great to savor as a main course meal.


Manicotti is larger than other types of pastas. The shape resembles ribbed tube. Manicotti comes with hollow space, which allows delicious stuffings that may include salads, seafood, red meat or delightful combination of cheese and sauce. Light in nature, you can digest Manicotti easily.


Widely consumed in Europe, Rigatoni is a popular pasta variant, prepared with cheese and herbs. It is generally offered as a wholesome meal.

After introducing you to varieties of pastas, now I feel to offer you a glimpse of some of the most delicious Italian pasta dishes.

Pasta alla Bolognese

Prepared with meat this delectable pasta dish is a favorite of all pasta lovers. It is prepared with tomatoes, fried garlic, olive oil and beef. Sometimes Parmigiano cheese and peperoncino are also added to enrich the taste.

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio

It is one of the most simple and traditional Italian pasta preparations. Garlic is fried in olive oil along with peperoncino to prepare this delicious dish.

Trenette al Pesto

This delectable dish is quite popular in Northwest Italy. Prepared with basil sauce, it includes olive oil, Parmigiano cheese, garlic and pine nuts.

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

This savory dish is prepared with a delicious sauce, based on eggs, cheese and fried pancetta, which is Italian bacon. To enrich the taste, sometimes black pepper and grated Pecorino are also added.

Bucatini all' Amatriciana

This awesome preparation is made with a tasty sauce, prepared with sautéed onions, tomato and guanciale. Grated cheese is added as toppings.

Linguine allo Scoglio

This pasta dish is a winning combination of fresh tomatoes and seafood.

Farfalle al salmon

This pasta dish is prepared with cream based sauce and smoked salmon. Parsley and black pepper are also added to make a delectable pasta dinner. It is very popular in southern Italy.

Spaghetti alla Norma

This mouth-watering pasta dish calls for re-fried eggplant, tomatoes and Ricotta Salata cheese. Addition of other ingredients like parsley, oregano and basil make the dish flavorsome.

Pairing Wine with Pasta

Now, your pasta meal will remain incomplete without a glass of wine. Pairing wine with pasta will enhance your meal experience even more. Not sure what type of wine to choose to complement your pasta dish? Then allow me to offer you some nice ideas.

There are a number of variations in pasta preparations. The preparations differ in sauce, ingredients and texture. So, it is not right to think that you can team a single type of wine with all types of pasta dishes. Right choice of wine is important to enjoy the dish to its ultimate. You need to remember that the flavor of pasta is fairly neutral and the sauce added plays a crucial role in making the dish flavorsome. So, you will have to choose a wine that complements the flavor of the sauce.

Cheese Sauce

Pasta dish prepared with cheese sauce tastes best with white wine. You can try a white Burgundy or an Australian Semillon. Sparkling wines are also good choice to savor with cheese based sauces. If you are a red wine lover, select one with lively fruity flavor and low to medium acidity, such as Italian dolcetto or American pinot noir.

Tomato Sauce

Pasta dishes prepared with tomato based tangy sauce work wonderfully with red wines. Tomatoes have high acidity level. So, you need to choose a red wine with good acidity level to complement the tomatoes.  Otherwise the tomatoes will make the taste of wine dull and flat.  Red wines with tangy acidity are great to sip with tomato-based preparations of pasta. Do not go for heavy, tannic red wine.

Cream sauce

Pasta preparations based on cream sauce, taste best with white wine that can match the rich flavor of cream. Chardonnay is the right choice for cream pasta dishes, like Fettuccine Alfredo. A finest choice is oaked chardonnay. The buttery flavor of oak goes great with this rich sauce.

Meat Sauce

Rich pasta sauces prepared with sausage, beefs or any other red meats make great pairing with red wines. You can opt for wines made from nebbiolo variety of wine grape. Nebbiolo-based wines are great to savor with manicotti, cannelloni or rigatoni varieties of pastas.

Want to relish a hearty dish of pasta with a glass of good wine? You will find many reputed restaurants and bars that offer an array of pasta dishes along with an exquisite selection of wine. Take your pick and rejoice.