Among the South African recipes you will find that food in Djibouti ranges from French haute cuisine that is found inside the more high-class restaurants to the classically North African fare you will most possibly come across on the streets. Generally, travellers to Africa are greeted with good range of dishes, and they need have any problem in finding flavoursome and filling food on their journey. Mostly the African food consists of ingredients such as lentils, fried meat (especially chicken), unleavened bread, Red Sea fish, consumed baked, grilled or barbecued and a lot more.

Djiboutian cuisine is usually delicious and is prepared in the local way with the accompaniment of a spicy sauce. The country is teetotaler and thus alcohol is not widely available. Mainly the cuisine of Djibouti is rich cuisine with an amalgamation of cuisines from French, Asian and African culinary specialties. You will find that there are many similarities in foods and cooking techniques with its direct neighbour, Ethiopia. The people of the Djibouti make use of injera bread to scoop up mouthfuls from assorted meat and vegetable platters.

If you like spices then this is the cuisine for you. African food recipes from Djibouti are made using lot of spices, ranging from saffron to cinnamon, bearing a trace of the Arabic influence on the nation's cuisine and culture taken together. You can taste the spicy dishes that arrive in various combinations such as the traditional fah-fah (spicy boiled beef). Then there is the yetakelt wet which is spicy mixed vegetable stew. Common side dishes liked by food lovers are lentils and rice, which are typically covered with sauces such as the hot berbere or the buttery nitter kibbeh.

There is immense diversity in the African recipes as a result of various ethnic groups. South African food consists of fruit, nuts, bulbs, leaves and other vegetation. Several settlers from central Africa have successfully introduced domestic cattle and grain crops, as well as sorghum, which allowed for trouble-free right to use to livestock, meat and the growing of crops for fresh produce.

The South African recipes mainly consist of stewed meat and cooked grains which are the staple food. The Settlers use corn and certain grain products as they are the major part of the country's cuisine. You will come across other meats, such as sheep, goats which are often used for cooking. Visiting South Africa is a adventure and you will find daily food that includes cornmeal.