Salmon recipes have emerged as a top favourite amongst countless fish lovers and non fish lovers too, across the globe. For the health conscious looking for a yummy dish that keeps you thin and fit, salmon is the answer for you. Salmon recipes are amazingly tasty and high in nutritional levels. Not only are they rich in protein and contain the essential fats, but can fulfil your daily Vitamin D requirement and contains Omega 3 fatty acids. Additionally Salmon recipes offer the most striking amount of variety in comparison with other fish, when it comes to preparation methods. Of the countless number of ways there are to make a scrumptious salmon dish, certain salmon recipes remain more popular amongst the majority of salmon lovers. This can be due to reasons such as convenience and easy preparation or unmatchable quality of taste. Although no one can possibly pin point the most popular salmon recipes, certainly caters to most of the popular choices. With over 700 recipes in store this is no surprise. In case you were curious as to some of the popular salmon recipes, the following could give you a brief idea, or at any rate entice you to get the recipe from the website and prepare it! Salmon Dips are an original and flavour wise unique concoction that goes well with many accompaniments. Baked or grilled salmon fillets with some sort of dill preparation also go down well amongst the majority. Of course the oily nature of salmon means it inevitably mixes well with marinades, rubs and sauces. For this reason oven baked salmon dishes with a variety of herbs as well as citric influences are also a popular choice. Foil baking ensures the salmon retains its natural juices and the external sauces seep in well. As salmon has its own distinct and unique taste that is extremely palatable, most people are willing to experiment with tastes when it comes to salmon. Regional specialities such as a Thai curry influence, Asian herbal influence, Russian delicacy practices are all popular salmon preparation methods catered to on the website. Although these dishes sound as though they may be ‘fatty’ the truth is that they contain very few carbs. Salmon also contains B12, niacin, and selenium and is high on B6 and magnesium. Moreover, intake of salmon recipes helps to bring down inflammation, which again helps you to prevent certain serious diseases such as diabetes, heart-diseases, arthritis and many types of cancer. Additionally, the Omega-3 fats present in the fish assist in avoiding strokes, preventing blood-clots and bring down aggression and depression. At you can be assured that you will have access to world famous salmon recipes, which are both nutritious and deliciously appetizing. The recipes can be sourced according to a variety of keyword searches and clearly sets out the necessary ingredients, cooking method and serving portions. So if you are ready to feast on a mouth watering portion of salmon and lead a healthier life, log on to - See more at: Published at: